RE: [stella] Warring Worms

Subject: RE: [stella] Warring Worms
From: "Billy Eno" <norby@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2001 17:34:33 -0500
My bad, I didn't search the various games very well in Surround.  There is a
one-player mode in surround in games 2 and 4.  It's AI seems to combine
avoidance of the walls and random turns.  It seems to always start out
exactly the same way though.  It also has games where the speed increases.
A feature I had though about adding to my game.

The intention for the AI in my game is to provide a reasonable one-player
experience while focusing on making it a good two-player game.  Added to the
dealing with just the Surround-like AI I have the complexity of a cannon
that can be fired.  I think that with just a few rules you can make the
computer player play fairly well without being too hard or too easy to beat.
Currently my rules are:

Look 4 (or so) blocks in front of me, if there is a block, fire.
Look 2 block in front of me, if there is a block, turn.
Look 1 block in front of me, if there is a block, turn.

I am also going to try to add a detection for a no-escape situation to make
the computer player fire.

This is done every frame, and as the worms grow at a rate slower than every
frame, prevents the snake from turning directly into another block.  Also,
the direction the snake turns depends on whether it is at an odd or even
x-position, to provide a pseudo-randomness to the turn.  I suppose I could
also make it turn at random intervals, perhaps based on when the real player

I should have a presentable working game with the AI in it either by the end
of tonight or the end of next week (not enough time to work on it this
weekend.)  I will post it to the list when I have it in a reasonable form.

Who knows maybe I can through in a third computer player just to mix it up a
bit.  I could use the ball as the head(could be hard), or just not give it a
head at all (easy, as long as I can find the cycles to control it)


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At 18.25 04/10/01 -0500, Norby the Robot wrote:

>I already have a rudimentary AI for a one player game and am working on
>improving it.

Was Atari Surround 2-players only?
I'm pretty sure that the Intellivision version of Surround, "Snafu", had
1-player variations with a machine controlled opponent, maybe more than one.

Could you tell us how do you think that the AI should work, for a
Surround-like game? I think it's not so obvious.

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