Re: [stella] 2600 Radial Pong

Subject: Re: [stella] 2600 Radial Pong
From: Erik Eid <eeid@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2002 14:53:04 -0400
On Friday 05 July 2002 12:02 am, Jeff Johnston wrote:
> I've finally got my courage up to working on a little 2600 side project..
> Radial Pong, suggested by Skatepunk60 of AtariAge.

Welcome to the Stella list!  It's good to have yet another new, creative mind 
joining us.  Congratulations on starting down the VCS programming path.

> Here is the Java version:

Has anyone on the list had trouble accessing this page?  Whenever I navigate 
to this page, my browser spontaneously closes itself.  I am using Mozilla 1.0 
on SuSE Linux 7.3.

At any rate, the concept looks interesting.  Since I can't see the page, I'm 
not sure how close this is to the Java version, such as in how the paddles 
are supposed to operate.  Should they move in two half-circles as they are, 
or should the entire circle be in the center of the screen?

Many respondents don't think that the joystick will work well for a Pong-type 
game.  I've played Hasbro's revamp of Pong a few times and didn't mind using 
my Gravis GamePad for it, though I probably would have preferred a true 
paddle.  It also operates decently for playing Tempest, which had a radial 
controller in the arcade version.  Maybe with some acceleration programmed in 
the joystick will work well enough.

I'm looking forward to seeing more.  This is a curious twist on a classic 
idea - it could be quite fun!
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