[stella] "Player Graphic Creation RAD Tool" -- not fancy :^)

Subject: [stella] "Player Graphic Creation RAD Tool" -- not fancy :^)
From: Ruffin Bailey <rufbo1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 23:53:59 -0400
I thought it'd be useful to create some sort of little app that'd help me create player graphics that wouldn't wear out my 1 and 0 keys. I think I have, at the expense of my tab and space keys. :^) Somebody else *has* to have made something similar when making their games, but since I hadn't heard of it and saw at least one request for this sort of deal while looking through the logs [for an answer to another question -- granted the request was from 1998 or so :^D] last week I thought I'd spend today's free time hacking this up.

It's a Java app, which, apologizes to Robin Harbron if he's still around (Swing won't be coming to the C=64 soon, I'd imagine), makes it a pretty xplat app. If anyone is interested in using this app and has trouble with getting a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) set up, email me and I'll help if I can. It really is a hack, though, and you could probably rewrite it in whatever your OS's Visual Basic equivalent is more quickly than I could explain it all to you... :^)

So without further ado, the URL to the 8k zip file (incl app & readme) is the following:

If you're like me and prefer to see a screengrab before bothering to set everything up and run it, here's one that's only five times as large as the zip itself:

Fancy stuff.

Basically it's a limitless number of rows of eight checkboxes that spits out code like...
; Player graphic data

        org $XX00
        byte #%10100000
        byte #%10001111
;  End player graphic data

... once you're done. Very similar to the VB app that was written to help you with creating a playfield some time back (I didn't write that one, but I have the source somewhere on an old drive if you're interested).

Comments, bugs, etc to this address or rufwork@xxxxxxxxxxx, or even the list, are appreciated. Hope it's helpful to someone other than myself! Check the readme to get this running; it's not yet a simple double-clickable jar file [on OSs that support that kind of thing].

Ruffin Bailey

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