Re: [stella] Robot City (alpha)

Subject: Re: [stella] Robot City (alpha)
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 18:36:24 +0200
Hi Thomas!

> Thanks Manuel, that's a very good suggestion. 
> Paradroid was one of my favourites on the C64.

It's the only reason why I still own a C64 :-)

> (hmm, is it possilbe to convert it 
>to the 2600? ;-) 

Certainly. But the robots would have only two digits as 
names :-)

>I think it's based on some kind of intertia, right? 

Having no dictionary at hand right now to look up 
'inertia', I carefully dare saying yes. :-)

Oh, I've played some more of RC012 now, here's a few 
minor suggestions. Please forgive me, if I'm repeating 
other peoples suggestions, but I was reading some 200+ 
[Stella] mails yesterday :-)

- It's damn cool how the enemies can team-up to *revive* 
one of their colleagues. What I not like though, is that 
a disabled enemy is still an obstacle for the player. 
you should be able to just pass it.

Consider this situation:

     <-E1     <-P1     <-E2

When you shoot now, you possibly manage to disable E1, 
but you can choose between bumping into E1 or E2 with 
_no_ chance at all to escape...

- Again a cool feature is how the enemies can mistakenly 
disable themselves. Reminds me of the cops in "Grand 
Theft Auto" :-) You should keep that.

- I often die in crashes when sneaking around a corner. 
I have the feeling that this should not happen that 
frequent, but this might get better with a new control 

- The direction state of the enemies seems to be update 
too soon/late sometimes. Whatever, it enables shots 
through the shields on some (rare?) occasions. Or is it, 
that the enemies can always hit other enemies, ignoring 
the shield completely?

- I'd love to be able to move way quicker than the 
enemies. At least 2 times, maybe even 4. Maybe you could 
implement that as variants or make this some kind of 

- In Slot Racer the shots don't disappear after hitting 
a wall, but keep moving around the corners for a while. 
Maybe yet another variant?


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