Re: [stella] F8 Bankswitching experiment

Subject: Re: [stella] F8 Bankswitching experiment
From: "Ronen Habot" <rhabot@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 23:34:51 -0500
Hi everybody,
First, I'd like to appologize for those 2 messages that showed up. It was my mistake. I actually sent the message twice: once from home and when it didn't show up after a day or so I sent it again from work.
Thanks to Manuel Polik I was able to run the code on a real console. The code always starts at page1 (higher bank) and then, via l_Jump2Page0 subrutine goes back to page0 where my code resides.
I still don't see the reason for the mechanism to jump to Page1 if the code started at page0. When can that happen and why?  Through all the experiments I've done (using my code, Asteroids and Dumbo) A12 of the EPROM was always high at power up. Does that have to do with Cuttle Cart?
Now, at that point, I get a wrong text on the screen (I wanted to display PASS__) and also, instead of getting it once, it shows up 3 times... see the jpg file in the attached file for better description.
I checked the code and did not find anything special.
Any idea how and where to start debugging that code?

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