[stella] F8 Bankswitching experiment

Subject: [stella] F8 Bankswitching experiment
From: "Ronen Habot" <ronen.habot2@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2002 20:35:03 -0500
Hi all,
I've been trying to take Manuel Polik's 8K code and play with it.
I added to the code the well known 6-digit score display to place on the screen PASS_ _ when the bank switching has finished.  That way, the code switches banks and displays PASS on the screen.
I tried it on Stella v1.1.3a and got an error message: Error starting console. You may have chosen an invalid ROM type. I tried to download stella.pro but that did not seem to help.
I then tried z26 and got some better results: There was something showing up on the screen that could be recognized at PASS but there were more than 4 letters... See z260000.pcx in the attached zip file.
Finally, I tested it on the real console. I have built an 8K cart that successfully runs Asteroids and Dumbo and burned an EPROM with that code. Nothing worked. It seems that the console never realized that there was an EPROM there... as if I started it up without a cartridge in it...
What did I do wrong?
Thanks in advance,

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