Re: [stella] The sad story about my Atari 2600 TV format conversions

Subject: Re: [stella] The sad story about my Atari 2600 TV format conversions
From: "Chris Larkin" <clarkin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2002 15:32:22 -0800

That is terrible!!! but I don't think you have much recourse... legal or
not...  Do you own copyrights on the hacks?  Did you distribute the binaries
freely over the internet?

I don't think legal action will get you anywhere...

I think the best thing to do, is tell the AtariAge and Stella community
exactly who this person is, and I know that I will never, ever send my
buisness his way.


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Subject: [stella] The sad story about my Atari 2600 TV format conversions

> You may know about my TV format conversions of Atari 2600
> games. Most of them are changes to games only released in PAL
> format so they can now be enjoyed NTSC televisions (there a few
> NTSC to PAL conversions also).  I made them freely available to
> the public (e.g. via AtariAge), so that everybody can play them
> on his Supercharger or Cuttle Cart. And if somebody wants to
> make a cart for himself, that's just fine for me.
> And I also gave somebody the exclusive rights to make carts of
> these conversions for other people who don't have the right
> equipment. Then the guys from AtariAge asked me if they could
> sell them also, but at that time I prefered to stay with that
> person and said no, and AtariAge accepted that.
> But some weeks ago (due to very unpleasant reasons which I
> don't want to discuss here) I had to quit dealing with that
> person entirely. I asked him not to continue selling my
> homebrew games, my controller hacks and my TV format
> conversions. The homebrews where removed immediately and there
> was no more advertising for the hacks and conversions, so I
> thought the story had come to an end.
> Yesterday I discovered that he is still selling my TV format
> conversions.  He even added a new section to his website to
> announce them (BTW: Without giving any credit to me, but that's
> not the point of this message) and somebody made new labels for
> him. *All* the TV format conversions on this page are made by
> me!
> Again I asked him to stop selling the conversions. His
> reaction: An insulting mail telling me he doesn't care. And
> then he even added five more of my TV conversions to his site!
> Some people suggested that I should speak to a lawyer, but I
> would prefer to discuss this under moralic aspects. That's the
> reason why I'm going public, because at this stage that's the
> only acceptable way left for me.
> Please tell me, what do you think about this?
> BTW: I'm not telling the name of the "person" here. Most of you
> will already have recognized him very easily and I don't want
> to do any additional advertising for him.
> *** This was posted to the 2600 Forum on AtariAge too. ***
> Thomas
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