Re: [stella] Space Treat new version

Subject: Re: [stella] Space Treat new version
From: "Fabrizio Zavagli" <rasty@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 25 Dec 2002 00:12:21 +0100
Hey Albert!

> I think a
> level select is nice, but there should be some indicator that you started
> a later level, in case a high score contest of sorts is ever held for
> Treat.  Either that, or maybe some type of actual score (based on the
> of time it takes you to finish a level?), although I'm guessing at this
> point you don't want to do that.

Well, I'm not actually swimming in rom space at the moment :)
Plus, I'd like to call the game finished sooner or later... of course there
are always improvements that one could think of, but I guess that I'm also
looking forward to work on new things :) (Bounce!)
The score indicator has been demanded since long ago, anyway...

> As for the moving key, sounds like an interesting gameplay element, but
> have to try it out and see how frustrating it is.  I know I'd be pissed if
> was just about to grab it and it suddenly moved somewhere else!  Or maybe
> just moves smoothly and doesn't teleport from spot to spot, I might be
> assuming too much there.

Yep I'd be angry as well if the key was to disappear just under my nose! And
no, it wouldn't move smoothly since I have a table of fixed positions where
it can appear :(

> I will also try the game on my 7800 and let you know how it works.

Thanks, that will help a lot!

BTW I've been able to do the modification to my PAL 7800 and test Space
Treat on it, but it still wouldn't run: it seems I'm losing sync or
something during the game screen (and just during that screen)... Right now
I'm simply trying to branch around any "suspicious" code, but with little
I've tested former versions of the game and it looks like almost none of
them worked fine, must be something deep inside my kernel...! What's fun is
that "Bounce!" works great on the 7800, where I do lots more of "dirty
stuff" (tricks :). Well, maybe the experience is proving valuable :))

Thanks and ciao!

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