Re: [stella] Space Treat new version

Subject: Re: [stella] Space Treat new version
From: "Albert Yarusso" <albert@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2002 21:47:59 -0600
Hi Fabrizio!

Okay, I just spent some time playing Space Treat.  A few things:

1) I experienced no screen rolling at the end of each level (yay!)

2) If you are low on time and getting the beeping warning, when you finish
the level this beeping continues to play.

3) I like how the enemies turn into the fruit when you get back to the
bottom.  :)

4) One time when I was hit by an enemy and "exploding", I saw an extra
scanline appear.  [...some time passes...] Okay, I have actually seen this a
few times now.

5) Is the flickering when you reach the fruit at the top intentional?  Is
this because you are still drawing the fruit?  If so, perhaps you could hide
the fruit immediately to prevent the flickering?

> Well, I'm not actually swimming in rom space at the moment :)
> Plus, I'd like to call the game finished sooner or later... of course
> are always improvements that one could think of, but I guess that I'm also
> looking forward to work on new things :) (Bounce!)
> The score indicator has been demanded since long ago, anyway...
> hummmmmmmmm...

Yeah, I have seen other people mention the score indicator.  Since the game
returns to the title screen when you die, there's no way at all to prove how
far you progressed in the game (except perhaps videotaping the entire
thing).  It would be nice if maybe at the end of the game the "LEVEL XX"
text remained, maybe even saying "FINAL" above it (as in "FINAL LEVEL XX").
Then you could press the button and it would return to the title screen.
However, I know that "FINAL" graphic (as well as the code to support it at
the end of ag ame) would probably eat up ROM space you don't have.

I know what you mean about wanting to call the game finished and moving on,
so I'm certainly not going to harass you if you don't want to do this.  :)

> Yep I'd be angry as well if the key was to disappear just under my nose!
> no, it wouldn't move smoothly since I have a table of fixed positions
> it can appear :(

The game gets pretty difficult on its own, I think moving the key would be
very devious.  Perhaps this could be selectable via one of the difficulty
switches?  :)  Along those lines, maybe you could make an "easier" version
of the game by using one switch to toggle the key on/off, and then another
to toggle the moving key on/off.  Okay, sorry, I am evil.

> > I will also try the game on my 7800 and let you know how it works.
> Thanks, that will help a lot!

Seems to work fine, although my particular 7800 was experiencing some weird
glitches that I think are native to this heavily modded 7800.  :)  I didn't
have any sync'ing problems at all.

Take care and Happy Holidays!


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