Re: [stella] Rubik Cube 3d

Subject: Re: [stella] Rubik Cube 3d
From: Thomas Jentzsch <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 2002 12:43:40 +0100
Chris wrote
>Hrm, you're right! I was sure the proto's square's were
>smaller, the size of LDA #$Absolute/STA COLUPF. Which is what
>had me thinking they'd done a RAM routine. 

This would result in 5*3 = 15 pixel wide squares.

>But they're not, they're the size of LDA #$ZeroPage/STA
>COLUPF. Strange!

This would result in 6*3 = 18 pixel wide squares. But they are 
16 pixels wide.

>But check the attached, it uses quad sized P0 and P1 at the
>left and right of the cube to create the black diagonals
>(black so they're obvious, and so I don't have to keep
>fiddling with the code). This leaves only the middle two
>squares, which could be handled by stationary M0 and M1 and
>just changing their lengths.

Yes, that should work, though you'll also have "blocky" 
diagonals, will still be limited to n*3 wide cubes and you will 
have HMOVE blanks (which the original has not).

>Your kung-fu is no good! You cannot hurt me! The toad has iron

Ouch! :-D

>That being said, we've come up with several ways to do this 
and it's not really a particularly interesting project 
otherwise, so I think I'll go back to working on my curling 

Hey, Curling for the 2600! What a thriller!!! :-)

Have fun!	

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