RE: [stella] Assymetrical Maze 2LK... help?

Subject: RE: [stella] Assymetrical Maze 2LK... help?
From: "Dennis Debro" <ddebro@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 07:54:21 -0500
Hi Jason,
> I do have a bunch of "<-- weird" messages though... all associated
> HMOVE.    They appear both when the machine is being "zeroed" out (I
> suspect
> these are normal)


> and also on the kernel that displays the score...  I
> checked the score display kernel and the HMPx writes are >24 cycles
> the
> HMOVE there as well.  I also tried commenting out the score display,
> found the same results with the sprite movement.

Are you doing your HMOVE after the WSYNC?

> I am not overly concerned about this at the moment as I would really
> rather
> get the display up and running first and worry about the player
> positioning
> after.. ...that is, unless it *has* to be done in the display

You can position your players during VBLANK. You will only have to
position your players during the kernel if you're positioning them on
the fly like in Air Sea Battle, Oystron, and SCSIcide.

Take care,

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