Re: [stella] MARIA - calling all 7800 programmers

Subject: Re: [stella] MARIA - calling all 7800 programmers
From: Russ Perry Jr <slapdash@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 23:46:10 -0500
At 6:22 AM -0400 6/5/03, Eric Ball wrote:
> Over on the AtariAge forums there has been a growing interest in
> 7800 programming.  As suggested by Eckhard Stolberg, I'd like to
> suggest adding 7800 programming to the Stella mailing list.
> Comments?

Stellalist has certainly never forbidden talk of the 7800, since, as
Eckhard points out, the systems are pretty closely related.

On the other hand, if 7800 programming DOES take off, Stellalist is
going to be "swamped" (comparatively speaking), and I'd rather not
see that happen.

I also prefer mailing lists to web groups, but as Frank pointed out,
Yahoo Groups gives you the option of either one (there's even an
email digest option, though that can mess up attributions etc).
The disadvantage of Yahoo Groups is that I don't think it handles
archiving content the same way, though I may be mistaken.

So...  as the current moderator of the list, I'm willing to be
democratic about this, but I'd like to maybe narrow the choices
down a bit.  The way I see it, here are the basic options:

1) allow 7800 posts on the list (but people would be encouraged to
   use the VGWiz web board and the AtariAge programming forum(s) for
   more intense discussions?)

2) A separate mailing list on Yahoo Groups

3) A separate mailing list on Biglist (though they may or may not
   allow it for free the way they've kindly allowed Stellalist)

Are these options sufficient for a vote?  Or should we just take a
yea or nay vote for allowing 7800 content?
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