RE: [stella] he got game

Subject: RE: [stella] he got game
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 1 Sep 2003 22:30:30 -0000
> > Milestone tonight: it's a game.
> Congratulations!


> Use Z26's trace option and look at the trace file. It will tell you
> everything you want to know about what's happening during program
> execution.

Ooh, I gotta learn about the trace option. it might be useful
in other places...though I've always been poor of a printf guy
then a good debugger user.
> I'd like a little more time before the ball appears to give me some time
> to react. Also a slower speed like pong would be nice :)

Yeah, a freeze would be good, and then go, at the start of a round.
Maybe I should load up some Video Olympics and see what you're getting

In terms of a victory sound, maybe 5 'point' dings?  I dunno.
> Also, are you looking for optimization suggestions too? There are some
> opportunities to free up some more bytes in your code. Then you could
> possibly enter it into the 1K game competition.

Heh...that's an interesting idea.

> > * Anyone know a better Fuji symbol that fits in 8 pixels wide? ;-)
> I like the one you have. It looks sort of like the one used in Video
> Pinball.

Good point! They must've had the same problem I did.  
Do you think it looks better with or without the pixel 
in between at the top like I have?


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