RE: [stella] Source Code

Subject: RE: [stella] Source Code
From: "Bob Colbert" <rcolbert@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 20:52:06 -0600
Hi everyone!  I've been lurking around a bit.  Still don't have much
time or energy to do anything 2600 related after the kids get to bed.
Right now I just enjoy reading what all of you are working on!  Anyway,
it looks like I'll be sending these photocopies off to Dennis to work
on.  Be warned, it's a lot of work!  As Glenn mentioned, OCR is pretty
much out of the question as Green-Bar paper was used.  I tried, no luck.
Here's the message I sent to Dennis:

Here is the list of source listings I have:

Riddle of the Sphinx (53 pages)
Moonsweeper (103 pages)
Star Wars (90 pages)
Dragon Fire (62 pages)
Star Voyager (59 pages)

I transcribed Solaris.  I used Distella to create source from the ROM
image, then applied the labels and such to the disassembled source.
Periodically, I compiled the code and did a binary diff of the file
created and the ROM image to make sure I didn't change anything.  It's a
LOT of work, especially since some of the notation is slightly different
between DASM and the assembler that was used for Solaris.  I will
package these up and mail them out soon!

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> Hi Bob,
> Welcome back! It's nice to hear from you again.
> > I still have the photocopies Glenn sent me of some of these games,
> > anyone has more time than I do I'd be happy to send them off for
> > transcription!
> I'm up for the challenge. I'll contact you off line.
> I know Manuel is up to it too. What say you Manuel? Would you like
> Take care,
> Dennis
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