Re: RE: [stella] I need a little direction for Climber 5??

Subject: Re: RE: [stella] I need a little direction for Climber 5??
From: Dennis Debro <ddebro@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2003 9:24:39 -0500
Hi Thomas,

> Without changing the general menu layout too much, you could put
> Training, Normal, Enhanced into the first row and select (=show) the 
> game version with left/right. And then you have to more rows where
> you can put e.g. addtional options (bounce/push/nothing), girder options
> or starting levels.

If I went this route then I'd be limiting the player to only one feature, right? For example, the player would get the enhanced option with bounce obstacles, or no flashing girder warning but not both. I also don't want to make the user interface too complicated.

> Or would that cost too much ROM?

It just might ;-) I'm getting down to the nitty gritty now. I have ~143 bytes left and they're not in the best of places. I'm moving some things around now trying to make better use of the free ROM.

I moved a couple of subroutines in the middle of the game kernel. I didn't want to do this because it doesn't make the code "flow" as far as readability goes. I had to push a kernel routine to the next page to avoid page timing penalties and I didn't want to waste the space.

> BTW: Is is possible to use different girder speeds in on level? How
> about a penalty increasing the girder speed slightly whenever 
> you reverse the direction by pushing the button? Either all girders or
> only the one that is closest to the player.

That might be doable and I played around with this before. Remember the girder speed increases as you advance a level. I think it maxs out at level 4 (been a while since I've been there). So they won't increase too much with this option. At the very least maybe after level 4 their speeds could vary where all don't have the same speed.

I'll add it to my to do list and see how it goes.

Take care,

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