Re: [stella] acceleration and inertia

Subject: Re: [stella] acceleration and inertia
From: A Braunsdorf <ab@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 09 Jan 2004 18:32:38 -0500
In message <20040109231923.2DC3F626E5C@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Manuel Rot
schkar writes:
> > (The difference, obviously, is that the "decimal" 
> > point doesn't move or that it can.)
> I'd rather say that there's no "decimal" point between 
> two binary numbers. And the "binary" point can move 
> perfectly well.

Actually, a lot of folks use fixed point math for money, and they
do it in BCD, so it is a decimal point.  I put it in scare quotes
'cause I realize it's not right for the case at hand. :-)  It's the
divider between the integer and fractional parts, whatever you want
to call it.

(Unfortunately since I don't italicize in email, I also use quotes
for introducing terms.  Maybe I've been in academia too long

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