Re: [stella] New list: Update

Subject: Re: [stella] New list: Update
From: Glenn Saunders <mos6507@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005 17:29:29 -0500
If you belonged to both lists you'd get double-posts.  If you had one way cloning, like having AA send all messages to Stellalist, then you'd miss any stellalist-exclusive messages unless you belonged to both lists, and again, if you belong to both lists, you will get dups.
At that point I would at least make Stellalist read-only except for incoming AA list messages.  Last time I checked we had less than 300 list subscribers.  I don't see any reason why everyone can't just move to a new list.  In fact it can even be automatic if Russ scrapes out the subcriber list and autosubs everyone to the new list.  It's just going to mean people update their email client filters so the messages wind up back in the original folders, and they register a new TO address to send messages to the list.
Right now I belong to a few different Yahoo groups related to guitar synthesizers and it's always annoying when I see a guy post the same message across all of them.
If the goal here is simply to maintain a read-only mirror of the primary list, then this does not require a whole other active list.  That's what I was doing when I had a daily job to pull new messages and store them in a database (with separate files for attachments) on The Dig.

Just my 2 cents.

Thomas Jentzsch <tjentzsch@xxxxxx> wrote:
Glenn Saunders wrote:
> Redundancy is information overload. It's going to
> annoy people to have to post to multiple lists, or one
> list will starve the other.

Where would be the problem? Both lists could subscribe to each other,
so you could post or subscribe to which list you would want to.

Have fun!
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