RE: [stella] Fastest missile/ball draw

Subject: RE: [stella] Fastest missile/ball draw
From: "Bob Montgomery" <BobM@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 16:21:08 -0500
Problem with this is: for each different height of the missile you would need another giant table.

And if you are using most of the screen for your display, > ~128 scanlines, depending on missile height, then you have page-crossing which creates timing issues.

On the other hand, for the specific thing I'm playing with right now, I have a 2LK covering 128 scanlines, so my Y-counter only goes to 63 - so my tables would easily fit in a page.  Could get two in a page.  And I have big giant tables of color data, where the lowest bit is unused, so I could reuse those tables, and in-kernel do this:

lda (),Y
sta ENABL	;+10



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Subject: Re: [stella] Fastest missile/ball draw

Hi Manuel,

> Well, if you have the ROM space, a faster way is always:
> LDA (ballPointer),Y
> sta ENABL

BTW, this is what Berzerk does. It re-uses the maze data for this.

Take care,

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