[stella] Video modes

Subject: [stella] Video modes
From: "Lee Fastenau" <stella@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 01:47:40 -0500
(Lots of user-error bouncebacks, so apologize if multiple posts)

Excerpt of Reflex docs WIP:
Video Modes
Depending on the version of Reflex you own, you will have access to one of
the following sets of video modes:

	NTSC/PAL Cartridge
	1. NTSC
	2. PAL 60Hz
	3. PAL 50Hz

	NTSC/SECAM Cartridge
	1. NTSC
	2. SECAM 60Hz
	3. SECAM 50Hz

The default mode for both cartridge types is NTSC.  Move the "TV TYPE"
switch on the console to cycle to the second video mode.  Move the switch
again to cycle to the third mode.  Move it once more to cycle back to NTSC.

You may also set the video mode while powering on your console.  Simply hold
either the "GAME SELECT" switch or the "GAME START" switch while powering on
your console.  "GAME SELECT" will set the video mode to the second mode
listed above, and "GAME START" will set the video mode to the third mode.
Powering on the console without holding either switch will set the video
mode to NTSC.

I was just re-acquainting myself with Reflex when I found myself pleasantly
surprised at the last bit (as I'd forgotten about adding this feature).
Does anyone know of other games that support "power on" options like this
and which options they set?  It was pretty easy to implement and I think PAL
and SECAM users will like it (assuming the game gets finished).

Perhaps I should un-document it and call it an easter egg. :)


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