Re: [stella] VCS C programming

Subject: Re: [stella] VCS C programming
From: Adam Wozniak <adam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 17:32:36 -0400
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On Wed, 18 May 2005, Fred Quimby wrote:
> Now, I hate to be the only dissenter here, but I think this is all a bad 
> idea, given the requirement for prepackaged kernels!  Perpackaged kernels 
> lead to games that are all essentially the same.  I think that "less than 
> groundbreaking" is an understatement.  I think that this would not broaden 
> the hobby at all, but instead diminish it with a flood of games that are 
> mostly bad or at best mediocre, or perhaps even discourage programmers like 
> me who have spent countless hours trying to do real 2600 programming, 
> essentially killing the hobby with a mini-crash reminiscent of the original 
> crash of '82-'83.

I think some sort of "N sprite with intelligent flicker" or "vertical
scroller" kernel might actually cause some people to get interested in
the hobby who might otherwise be intimidated by it.

You have to admit that a new assembly language on a severly restricted
hardware platform looks daunting at the outset.

After a few successes with doing it "the easy way", they might be more
interested in trying it "the hard way".

The hobby scene seems to have been capable of distinguishing between
"hacks" and "homebrews".  I'm sure it can stand an in-between category.

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