Re: rotating pages?

Subject: Re: rotating pages?
From: christo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Frank Christoph)
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 23:14:00 +0900
> > Yes, but remember that you can't nest simple-page-sequences.
> Can't nest in what sense?  Jade doesn't actually complain if you do.
> Is there a DSSSL/scheme technique I'm missing that lets you
> avoid nesting them?  Consider a chapter that (may) contain a
> table.  The chapter is a (has to be a?) simple-page-sequence so
> that the proper page parameters can be established for the flow
> of the chapter.  Now if the table has to be a simple page
> sequence so that it can be rotated, how can it be coded in such
> a way as to avoid nesting?  The issue is further complicated by
> the fact that only <table orient=land> tables should be rotated.

I think the answer to this is that, if you wanted to rotate a table
using simple-page-sequence, you would need to put it on a separate
page, break the chapter into two parts (before and after the table)
and concatenate the resulting sosofos.

Maybe you could avoid this mess with full support for the page
feature and multiple writing directions.

  -- FC

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