RE: OpenSP-1.5pre1 released

Subject: RE: OpenSP-1.5pre1 released
From: "Konovalov, Vadim" <vkonovalov@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 18:39:06 +0300
> The OpenJade team has made a prerelease of OpenSP-1.5 available at

First question:
Whether this OpenSP can live with OpenJade-1.3 without serious source code
editing/programming? If yes (I doubt it:) how can one do that?

Another question:
I could not compile it using MSVC++6.0. Does anyone succeeded compiling it?
May be I've missed some preprocessor defines?

Good luck,
Vadim V.Konovalov, Software developer
ZAO Lucent Technologies, St.Petersburg branch
e-mail:	vkonovalov@xxxxxxxxxx
phone:	+7(812)3298522

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