Re: (dsssl) [help wanted] OpenJade

Subject: Re: (dsssl) [help wanted] OpenJade
From: "Christof Drescher" <drescher@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 14:39:25 +0100
Got a glimpse....
> what I do not know (from lack of trying) is whether the PDF and MIF
> backends to Jade do as good a job. To my mind, the OpenJade project
> should really be pushing the direct PDF backend.


More than once I said I'd develop the PDF backend further - just a few
additions to OpenJade, and I could give a competable solution, though the
backend is running on JAVA. It is the "linking" facility and a few
workarounds to support the popular docbook standard, and it should be a
usefull tool altogether.

But up to now, noone seemed to have the time.

Adam, I really appreciate your enthusiasm, and I can stand behind most of
your words easily. Let's hope some people capable of programming some C++
and producing RPM's and Win32 bins will get to work again - then I will
surely provide more time for DSSSL and the PDF backend, I promise.


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