Re: (dsssl) [help wanted] OpenJade

Subject: Re: (dsssl) [help wanted] OpenJade
From: Adam Di Carlo <adam@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 20 Feb 2001 20:44:09 -0500
"Sebastian Rahtz" <sebastian.rahtz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>  > > what I do not know (from lack of trying) is whether the PDF and MIF
>  > > backends to Jade do as good a job.
>  > 
>  > What PDF backend?    You mean the RTF backend?
> no, the direct PDF backend.

There is no such PDF backend AFAIK.  Is it some patch floating around?

> indeed. so the jade/dsssl community needs to set some priorities for
> itself....

Well, I'd be happy if we could get openjade 1.4 released.  Right now
it uses wide chars and it's too slow to actually release (4 times
slower than jade at least.. maybe more, I'm sure it's some sort of
O(n^2) issue.

I'm realistic -- adding major new features is probably not going to
happen.  We're just aiming for stability and getting what bits of the
spec in that we can.

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