Re: [stella] Qb: RELEASE CANDIDATE #1

Subject: Re: [stella] Qb: RELEASE CANDIDATE #1
From: "Andrew Davie" <adavie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 13:40:22 +1100
> Difficulty seems pretty reasonable now. However I'd still like it better,
> if the different nasties would have different behaviour. Otherwise what's

ACTUALLY, they already do have different behaviour, but problably the slight
randomness I added is masking their actual behaviour.

* The fireball homes straight for you.
* The rabbit moves cubes to their CORRECT position.  It will not move a cube
away from its incorrect spot unless it thinks it doesn't have a choice.
* The octopus moves cubes AWAY from their correct position.  It will try to
jump to another cube when its on a misplaced cube already.

I had to modify the above behaviours so that the creatures didn't just sit
on cubes when they were happy with how things were placed - I think I added
a bit too much randomness.

But, as I said, there's definitely behavioural differences.  I'll rework
them a bit to make it a bit more obvious.

> Maybe you could stop the decrementing, when Qb dies in this mode.

Yes, that's a bug.  Will do.

> Not quite. The title screen displays nicely with 312 lines, but the
> game screen shows no colour. When the level data is shown, you do
> 311 lines, and when the score is shown, you do 313 lines, which also
> causes the screen to shift a little, when the display changes.

Yes, I'll fix those little glitches (and also the major one reported by
Chris - hopefully - with the next release).

> Also there still seems to be a very rare case of when a hopping
> nasty would result in one scanline too much. In this version
> it results in a short flash of colour on my PAL system. ;-)

I *think* this is because I have a frame overlying a page boundary.  Fingers
crossed that will be gone next version, too.

> Maybe you could at least find one more byte. Then you could move
> the RTS away from address $FFF7. It prevents the game from working
> on a Supercharger. I had to set up the 7800 RAM cart to do the
> colour testing for you. ;-)

Thanks for that.  Actually, supercharger support is way way way way low.
This game is designed for a cartridge, not for download to the supercharger!
It is possible to modify the supercharger, I understand, to support the
games that use ROM $FFF8 upwards...  certainly, those extra 8 bytes are very
much needed by me.

Thanks for your feedback!

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