Re: [stella] The heart of darkness.

Subject: Re: [stella] The heart of darkness.
From: "Frank Palazzolo" <palazzol@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 22:03:26 -0500
Just wanted to concur with Chris on this.  The two flip-flops do count like this:

00 10 11 10 ... etc., and the waveforms for H01 and H02 are correct.

The piggy-backed nor gates that generate H01 and H02 threw me though, 
since they seem unnecessary.  My best guess...these signals feed a lot of 
inputs, so they need to drive more current with the bigger one and retain a 
fast response with the smaller one.

If someone gets these drawings scanned in, I will find a place to host them.  
I can put them up at my website for starters.  Damn you people for teasing 
me with your schematic snippets :)


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