Re: [stella] Hello, and.. my game

Subject: Re: [stella] Hello, and.. my game
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 07 Jun 2002 18:35:00 +0200
Hi Fabrizio!

>I understand the game reminds everyone of frogger, even 
thou it wasn't what
>I originally planned..

Well, I played it some more, I even once beat all three 
levels :-)

What I can say right now, is that there's a little more 
variety in the gameplay in Frogger, which you should try 
to achieve too. 

For example Frogger has not only obstacles to miss, but 
obstacles to hit, too. The obstacles have different 
sizes, some of them are diving, there's froggers 
girlfriend... all that stuff, you know what I

I'm not saying you should copy all that, but similar 
thinks would all add to the gameplay.

Another thing I thought to mention: Though I agree with 
the others that your current graphics are all looking 
cool for themselves, I think they should be more themed 
or grouped, so that they fit together better and so the 
the game makes more sense and gets more athmosphere. 

I understand that right now you just assembled some 
graphics to have anything visible? I mean, the candybar 
for example looks cool, but why would it float around in 
space? :-)


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