Re: [stella] Have kernel, need game!

Subject: Re: [stella] Have kernel, need game!
From: Thomas Jentzsch <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2003 09:52:32 +0200
Christ wrote:
> I think it looks a lot like "Mortal Kurling" except not as smooth
> (meow!)

Yup, exactly!

> What else can you put on screen? The implication from your ideas is
> that you can at least put one player sprite. What about more? Can
> sprites co-exist with the "caves" or just in the "empty" middle of the
> screen ("Mortal Kurling" has that problem, not a lot of cycles left
> during the cave walls to put anythign but the player's ship on any
> scanlines with the scroller).

The current kernel is quite simple and makes no difference between cave
and not cave areas. Currently there are 69 cycles free, but I'll need
about ~20 cycles if I want the top and bottom caves overlap (switching
kernels!) and make the colors move when scrolling up and down.

So two objects should be easily possible. And *maybe* a simple missile
or ball.

> Can the scroll go even faster? Can it be bi-directional?

Currently I can scroll up to 1 PF-pixel/frame. More seems to be no
problem for the kernel, but the setup code needs some optimization then.
It's already quite long and I was planning to spread it over different
frames (e.g. odd/even, if possible).

Bi-directional scrolling should be not problem, I only need a
bi-directional random-number generator (like in Pitfall!). And some extra 
code of course. :-)

> - A racing type game, with no brakes, only the accelerator (scroll
> only goes fast or faster or even faster...).

Yes, that's probably a good game idea for paddles, isn't it?

> Maybe a runaway train? Stagecoach? Yeah, about about a runaway train
> and do something like in Nibbler where the train gets longer and
> longer so when you move up/down your "tail" takes a little longer to
> react and move in line.

> You could make the "engine" out of a sprite, but the rest of the train
> from PF since they don't need to move as smoothly (maybe).

Hm, I think I don't have enough time for that.

> Or, you make the train out of a 48 pixel wide sprite, it could be very
> flexible and probably long enough. If you can restrict the obstacles
> to M0/M1/Ball objects. A little tricky to squeezed said obstacles on a
> line with a 48 pixel wide sprite, but possible...

Hm ,I *know* I don't have enough time for that. :-)

> - Or a running game, say Lola Rennt, the video game. You're always
> running foreward, to whatever goal (or being chased) so you can't slow
> down. Only dodge (jump over? Say a top-dow view?) obstacles. Sorta a
> horizontal Journey Escape (heh, heh).

Sorry, but I don't understand how that idea fits to my current kernel.
Can you explain that a bit more detailed, please?

> - Laser Gates 2003

But we have that already, haven't we? ;-)

> - A full on, side scrolling shooter with power-ups, bosses, etc (like
> "Mortal Kurling" is eventually intended to be). I don't think the
> scroll speed is really an impediment to this). Manic is not a bad
> thing.... 

Yup, that is the more complex approach for the gameplay I had in my

Have fun!
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