Re: [stella] Master Mind Deluxe

Subject: Re: [stella] Master Mind Deluxe
From: root <root@box>
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 21:30:38 +0200
> Welcome to [stella]! I like board games and implementing master mind
> sounds like a really good idea.
Thanks :D

> How about using just one peg (plus maybe the ball) for they keys? 2x2
> or 3x3 pixel/key should do, either by using different shapes or
> different colors. Though I haven't calculated yet if there is enough
> CPU time...
I don't get it? are you saying to use a single sprite to represent all 5 keys?

> Will you be able to look further back?
Mabye, If I have enough ram.
I was thinking the correct pegs from the last turn would be automatically
loaded into the current row, and all you would need would be the last line to
check the keys from your last guess.

> So this is going to become a mini game, right? ;-)
right :-)

> Remember, a JSR/RTS need 12 cycles.
If I remember correctly there are 76 machine cycles. I have 9 spare to jump
into a subroutine and my code finishes on cycle 61 giving me enough time to
get back ;)
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