RE: [stella] Stella 2.0 Alpha 2 available

Subject: RE: [stella] Stella 2.0 Alpha 2 available
From: "B. Watson" <atari@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 23:38:22 -0400
On Mon, 27 Jun 2005, Fred Quimby wrote:

> Just as a sanity check, I ran SI and fried it in my special version of
> Stella 1.4.2 until I got the double shots.  It took a few times to get the
> double shots, and the time it worked, I held the "frying" button down for
> about 0.25 seconds, so perhaps the code I posted ran 15 times.  If possible,
> maybe the "frying" button in 2.0 Alpha could run the code a random number of
> times too, like 1-15 or so per click to help replicate it better.  Well, we
> can all try it out in the next alpha and see how well it works.

I added your code to Stella 2.0 Alpha, but made it run once per keypress
instead of continually. I was able to duplicate the Invaders double shots
and the H.E.R.O. infinite lives effect. Code checked into CVS and will
be in the next alpha release.

Out of curiosity: where did you put your code in 1.4.2? How often did
it run? Once per frame, or...?

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