Re: Which elements can be changed in DocBook stylesheets?

Subject: Re: Which elements can be changed in DocBook stylesheets?
From: G.B.Stott@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 09:39:03 +0000
Hi there,

>    Can you give an example input file (or segment thereof)?

Yes. Here is a complete document. Also, following it is a complete test
customization of the DSSSL stuff. The apparently strange (define (d v1 ...
is part of experiments I did to get DocBook take care of some of the
different page layouts I've had for some time; that stuff causes no problems.
I get the same problem with para as I do with title: hence the strange
values of 40pt and 30pt which are big enough for me to see if they are
being used.

Jade and jadetex come from my Debian version of Linux and their version
numbers are:
	jade:    1.2.1-4
	jadetex: 2.2-0.2

The DocBook stuff is V3.1 and is all taken from the CD in the back of the
DocBook book.

	"-//G.B.Stott//DTD Extension 1.0 to DocBook 3.1//EN">
	<title>2 Corinthians 5:17</title><subtitle>Bible Study 4</subtitle>
<!DOCTYPE style-sheet PUBLIC "-//James Clark//DTD DSSSL Style Sheet//EN" [
  <!--<!ENTITY dbstyle SYSTEM
  "/usr/lib/dsssl/stylesheets/docbook/print/docbook.dsl" CDATA DSSSL>-->
  <!ENTITY dbstyle PUBLIC
  "-//Norman Walsh//DOCUMENT DocBook Print Stylesheet//EN" CDATA DSSSL>

<style-specification use="docbook">

(define (d v1 v2 v3 v4)
  (if p1 v1 (if p2 v2 (if p5 v3 v4))))

(define %title-font-family% "Times-Roman")
;(define %title-font-family% "Helvetica")
(define %body-font-family% "Times-Roman")
(define p1 #f)(define p2 #f)(define p5 #f)
(define %page-width% (d 297mm 148.5mm 143.5mm 100.5mm))
(define %page-height% 210mm)
(define %left-margin% 1cm)
(define %right-margin% (d 1cm 1cm 0cm 1cm))
(define %top-margin% 1cm)
(define %bottom-margin% 1.2cm)
(define %page-n-columns% (d 2 1 1 1))
(define %page-column-sep% 1cm)
(define %page-balance-columns?% #f)
(define page-balance-columns? #f)
(define %generate-article-titlepage% #t)
(define %generate-article-titlepage-on-separate-page% #f)

(define %two-side% #t)
(define %header-margin% 0.2cm)
(define %footer-margin% 0cm)
(define %generate-article-toc% #f)
(define %default-quadding% 'justify)
(define %body-start-indent% 0pt)	; overrides the setting to 4pi in dbparam.dsl

(element para
  (make paragraph
	 start-indent: 40pt
	 space-before: 30pt

(element emphasis
  (if (equal? (attribute-string "role") "bold")
		(make sequence
		  font-weight: 'bold
;		  font-posture: 'italic
;		  font-posture: 'upright
		(make sequence
		  font-posture: 'italic

;(define title-style
;  (style
;   font-family-name: %title-font-family%
;   font-weight: 'light
;	font-posture: 'italic
;   quadding: 'start))

(element title
;  (let ((role (attribute-string "role")))
  (make paragraph
;	 font-family-name: %title-font-family%
	 font-family-name: "Helvetica"
	 font-size: 14pt
	 font-weight: 'bold
	 font-posture: 'upright
;		)

<external-specification id="docbook" document="dbstyle">

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