Re: Which elements can be changed in DocBook stylesheets?

Subject: Re: Which elements can be changed in DocBook stylesheets?
From: Brandon Ibach <bibach@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 15:02:29 -0600
Quoting G.B.Stott@xxxxxxxxxxxx <G.B.Stott@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Yes. Here is a complete document. Also, following it is a complete test
> customization of the DSSSL stuff. The apparently strange (define (d v1 ...
> is part of experiments I did to get DocBook take care of some of the
> different page layouts I've had for some time; that stuff causes no problems.
> I get the same problem with para as I do with title: hence the strange
> values of 40pt and 30pt which are big enough for me to see if they are
> being used.
   From a look at the Docbook stylesheets, it appears that the
<artheader> and its children never get processed by normal element
rules, at least not to any effect.  If you search for "artheader" in
dbinfo.dsl, you'll find a series of rules that create empty sosofos
for <artheader> and its children.
   The procedure you'll want to override is $component-title$ in
dbcompon.dsl.  Unfortunately, it's kind of large and somewhat
complicated, because it handles title generation for all types of
components, not just <article>s, but you should be able to just fiddle
with the flow object characteristics near the end to get what you're

-Brandon :)

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