Re: DocBook -> Jade -> RTF: lists as RTF lists?

Subject: Re: DocBook -> Jade -> RTF: lists as RTF lists?
From: Norman Walsh <ndw@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 17 Oct 2000 09:18:51 -0400
/ "Sebastian Rahtz" <sebastian.rahtz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> was heard to say:
| Jorge Godoy writes:
|  > The biggest problem is to discipline people to write using the correct
|  > markup in Word. People usually change the text appearance at every
|  > point they desire to emphasize or do something different with
|  > that. Few people use the "title 1", "title 2" thing... :-((
| Don't you ever wonder if perhaps they are right and we are wrong? since
| they are so many and we are so few? Are you never tempted just to
| forget it...:-}


But I'm not tempted to give up Unix in favor of Windows, structure in
favor of presentation, source in favor of shrink wrap, or Emacs in
favor of...anything else, so I'm not sure I'm statistically
significant. :-)

In counterpoint, I have given up SGML in favor of XML. Hmph. I don't
know what that means.

                                        Be seeing you,

P.S. You'll note that I almost succeeded in resisting the temptation
to put the phrase "DocBook in favor of TEI" in this email message.
Almost. Was it Oscar Wilde who said, "I can resist anything except
temptation?" :-)

Norman Walsh <ndw@xxxxxxxxxx> | Through space the universe grasps me            | and swallows me up like a speck;
                              | through thought I grasp it.--Pascal

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