Re: DocBook -> Jade -> RTF: lists as RTF lists?

Subject: Re: DocBook -> Jade -> RTF: lists as RTF lists?
From: David Miller <dmiller@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2000 14:32:57 -0500
I wrote a Python script to do the RTF2SGML, it works OK but I am not
altogether happy with it yet.  I'm pretty happy with the parser (which
loads the raw RTF into a Python object model), but pretty unhappy with
the DocBook renderer (which reads from the Python objects into DocBook).

For more info on Python:

My colleague wrote the Word template, which is tightly wedded to our
customer's needs.  (In fact, the Python script is also pretty tightly
tied to our particular customer.)  The Word template is pretty simple,
just a bunch of style buttons and a stylesheet.

And in terms of the discipline problem, well that's just a training
issue.  This particular user community already has some experience with
a similar application, and is pretty small anyway, so shouldn't be too
much of a problem for us.

Unfortunately the code I write is not my own... although if I get this
editable list thing working, I can probably release that since Jade is
not our product.


Jorge Godoy wrote:
> >>>>> On Mon, 16 Oct 2000 13:15:59 -0500, David Miller <dmiller@xxxxxxxxxxx> said:
>     DM> In short, my most basic requirement is to let users edit their documents
>     DM> using their standard authoring tool (Word), but still maintain the
>     DM> documents in a format-neutral way (DocBook).
> And how are you planning to have RTF->DocBook?
> I'm *VERY* interested on this step because some people won't write in
> anything different than Word or StarOffice...
> As I don't have this "specialized" template (to use with Word), I
> can't see how to do that (and I'm not a Word hacker(is it possible?)
> to do that, unfortunately).
> The biggest problem is to discipline people to write using the correct
> markup in Word. People usually change the text appearance at every
> point they desire to emphasize or do something different with
> that. Few people use the "title 1", "title 2" thing... :-((
> See you,
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