Re: (dsssl) Double-dash sign and TeX backend

Subject: Re: (dsssl) Double-dash sign and TeX backend
From: Samuel Tardieu <sam@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 09 Oct 2001 14:34:11 +0200
>>>>> "David" == David Carlisle <davidc@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> Is there a way to get the right result both in HTML and in TeX? A
>> possible solution would be to render '-' as '{-}'.

David> Safer to use -\kern\z@ as {} doesn't normally supress ligatures
David> (although it will in this case as - isn't (normally) a letter.

What I have done is a mix of your solutions. My Makefile now reads:

        perl -pi -e 's,--,-\\kern\\z@-,g' $@

(I let you imagine what those variables are)

It works fine so far.

Thanks to everyone who answered.

Samuel Tardieu -- sam@xxxxxxxxxxx --

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