Re: (dsssl) Double-dash sign and TeX backend

Subject: Re: (dsssl) Double-dash sign and TeX backend
From: Sebastian Rahtz <sebastian.rahtz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2001 14:26:15 +0100
David Carlisle writes:
 > > if it works in generality, I shall be more than slightly amazed....
 > It could be made to work in full generality for jadetex (as unlike
 > arbitrary latex document) you only have a known fixed list of contexts
 > where - has to be interpretted as part of a number, and in everything
 > else it is a normal character to be typeset.) 

I agree. It could be done, if someone was prepared to get their hands
pretty dirty

 > Getting the tex macros
 > right would be a bit tricky but not as hard as say writing an XML parser
 > in TeX.
would you be thinking of the one that needs hacking to work with Omega?


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