Re: [stella] "kernel panic!"

Subject: Re: [stella] "kernel panic!"
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 4 Jul 2002 02:09:06 -0000
> At 03.07.2002, 01:15, Kirk wrote:
> > And man, this is for one lonely sprite! Any reccomendations
> > for cleaning it up?
> Search the archives for "skipDraw". :-)

That's pretty cool, and I might move to some of those more sophisticated
techniques, but I found a great stopgap for myself, since right now I have
some RAM to play with:

The basic idea is I use a byte of RAM as a buffer...the first thing
I do at the start of my kernel is to load that buffer into GRP0, then 
I do the calculations for the "next" line of the player during the rest
of the visible line, and finally load up the buffer right before the 

This seems like a reasonably extensible trick for my JoustPong 
kernel, though eventually I may run out of time doing all the 
 LDA Player0Buffer
 LDA Player1Buffer

It's a nice technique because it's easy, no cycle counting
or page aliging (I've been avoiding thinking about pages...
I don't even have a firm grip on what differentiates the ROM
locations from the RAM locations...)

Hell, pretty soon it might get to the point where it's time 
to make JoustPong a webpage...(I realized I'm not as far behind
some other homebrew efforts, now that I have a firm, plausible
gameplay in mind and the start of half decent kernel)

...does anyone think I'm going to get into legal problems with
the name JoustPong? (I don't know why I'm worried now...something
about the prospect of making physical software, and selling it
I guess)...or taking the flyer images from the 2600 port? 
If it seems too risky, my plan B is to call it "FLAP" (easier 
to make a title screen then too! ;-) and to go back to the 
"paddle with wing" graphic I first used with the VB version.

"A casual stroll through a lunatic asylum 
   shows that faith does not prove anything."  --Nietzsche

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