Re: [stella] Latest version of my new game

Subject: Re: [stella] Latest version of my new game
From: Lee Seitz <lkseitz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 08:47:06 -0500 (CDT)
Bob Colbert boldly stated:
>>Another idea would be that, like in Missile Command and Plaque Attack, a
>>man sitting in a hole is removed when you reach a definite score amount.
>Well, right now you can remove the man by dropping another paratrooper on
>him.  I agree that there should be other ways to remove the men, and I need
>to look into that!

In a shareware game released a few years ago for PCs that is very
similar to Sabotage, there were little "intermissions" between rounds.
Usually they consisted of a flying saucer coming over mountains in the
distance and beaming up (abducting) the men surrounding your cannon.
Very cute.  I seem to recall that very rarely something slightly
different would happen with the flying saucer, but now I've forgotten
what it was.  It was rare enough that the first time you saw it, it
made you blink and say, did I really see that?  Oh, and I think if
there weren't any men surrounding your cannon, a little delivery truck
pulled up to deliver pizza.  If you really, really need me to, I can
try to find time to dig up the game.

>>How about some physics? It's unrealistic that exploded planes and
>>helicopters simply disappear. They should all come down and hit
>>something. If they hit a man, well, fine... they could even kill him. If
>>they hit the cannon, it should be damaged a little.
>Yes, you are correct.  I've planned on at least making the helicopter go
>out of control if you hit the back of it.  I'm open for other suggestions too!

That would be neat.  I remember the paratroopers could be killed by
debris in Sabotage sometimes.  Other helicopters could be destroyed
to, leading to a nice chain reaction.  Actually, in the later levels
it was best to concentrate on shooting the helicopters and just let
the debris take care of the paratroopers.

>>2. if the
>>cannon has been damaged to a definite level. You could also let the
>>cannon change color each time it's damaged, to reflect its "health"
>I like the cannon idea.

I'll second that.

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